Friday, February 19, 2021

1840s News in the County

 Some news in the County during the late1840s:

Star Spangled Banner published September 10, 1847

Frederick Hawkins filed notice against his wife Phebe Hawkins for a divorce to be decided at the September term of the circuit court 1847. (They were married in 1845 in Coshocton County Ohio according to family sources.)

Lawrenceville Banner May 12, 1848

From the editor: The reason why the Banner did not make its appearance last week was in consequence of our being out of paper.  We had sent to Cincinnati for a supply, but unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time.  We will further state that our readers may know that we made some exertion to prevent a failure that we went to Mount Carmel, Vincennes, and to Princeton to borrow paper, but could not get any for either love nor money.

Wm Tanquery and Jacob Young were candidates for county sheriff. (Jacob Young won the election.)

James Thompson, executor for estate of Samuel Lemons (death prior to July 27, 1849). The will named his wife Jane, his son Samuel, and his daughter Nancy Ellen as beneficiaries. (Lawrence County Courthouse Records).

John Law, John Ross and Abner T. Ellis, took their oaths as executors of the Will of Geo. W. Ewing July 15, 1858. (No will found.)

Lawrenceville Banner August 3, 1849

Editors: J. F. Buntin and Richard Beck   The cost of a subscription for 52 weeks was $1 if paid in advance. $3.00 if it took 12 months to pay for the year. Subscribers would be charged one dollar to announce their names as candidates and $2 would be charged to any person who was not a subscriber; this was payable in advance.  The Banner was Whig in politics but stated that they would “never forget to be courteous, and never be guilty of distorting the history of the country to subserve party purposes.”

 Three men were running for County Judge in November: Victor Buchanan, James Nabb Esq, and E. Z. Ryan. (Ebenezer Ryan was elected 1849-1852, James Nabb from 1852-1853)

 James M. McLean, Esq of this county, has been appointed Register of the Land Office at Palestine in the place of H. Alexander, Esq.

Lawrenceville Banner August 3, 1849 

The partnership of the practice of law between J. G. Bowman and Wm. Harrow has been dissolved as of June 24, 1848.” The 1850 census listed five lawyers: Matthew McFetridge, Wm. Mills, Joseph Bowman, Wm. Harrod, and Aaron Shaw.

 Wm. Baldwin, H. H. Shepherd, S. H. Clubb, and Geo. Buchanan, all were agents for Poole and Brother merchants in New Orleans in selling western produce. If local farmers wanted to ship their produce down south, they would enlist the help of these gentlemen.

Lawrenceville Banner September 7, 1849

John B. Maxwell was a candidate for Associate Justice, Lawrence County, as was H. Randolph Heath from Russellville. Running for Circuit Clerk of Lawrence County in 1849, were Frederick A. Thomas, Caius M. Eaton, Jackson B. Shaw, and Green Clay Crosson. (Ebenezer A. Ryan had been the clerk 1836-1849; Frederick A. Thomas won the election and served until 1851.)

 Married on the September 6, Henry G. Robinson to Miss Amelia Leech.”

H. Badillot asked that everyone who promised funds to purchase instruments for the Lawrenceville band please pay now.  Wait. . .We had a band?