Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Assault, Bootlegging, Brass Knuckles, and Shooting Craps

 Crime:  The Monthly Round-Up for September 1920

Hunting and Fishing Violations

Leonard Gosnell was arrested by H. W. McLaughlin, deputy game and fish warden, and entered a plea of guilty to seining during the closed season.  Complaints of illegal fishing and seining have increased around Lawrenceville. Gosnell was caught seining the gravel pit northeast of town.

Albert Ackman, Ben Summers and Dan Summers were arrested for hunting without a license.  Charles Lewis was charged with shooting non-game birds.


Thomas Moad (that was the spelling in the newspaper) and Connie Pamplin, “the latter colored of Christy”, pled guilty to a charge of assault. The men were teamsters and were passing D. M. Murray’s house and stopped for a drink of water. Some of the children unhitched one of the teams, and the men grabbed one of the girls and attempted to kiss her.


Deputy Sheriff Bale arrested Mac Potts on a charge of bootlegging.  He was taken to the county jail and then on to the Federal Commissioner at Olney.  Potts was a barber and had previously worked in Lawrenceville.  During the Bridgeport stock show he and two assistants sold “white mule”. He was placed under a $1,000 bond for his appearance before the federal court at Cairo.

Concealing a Weapon

Officer Brewer picked up Frank McNew on an old charge and when searched at the city jail, a pair of brass knuckles were found on his person.  A charge of carrying concealed weapons was lodged against him to which he pled guilty and paid $17.60.  About a year ago McNew hit the traffic post at the intersection of Jefferson and 12th streets and knocked it a hundred feet down 12th street.  Later in the night Dr. Tom Kirkwood in making an emergency call ran into the post and damaged his car to the extent of $27.50.  At that time, McNew agreed to reimburse the city for the damages paid to Dr. Kirkwood but after making an initial payment of $5, McNew failed to report anymore and the police had been looking for him since that time.  After paying his fine for carrying concealed weapons, he promised to square the old account and was released.  (Was this really a smart decision on the police’s part since he hadn’t paid it in the past and that’s what got him arrested in the first place….)

Stealing Automobile

Everett Tenney, 29, and Cecil Blackwell, 18, young men from Bridgeport, pled guilty in the Gibson Circuit Court at Princeton, Indiana, to stealing an automobile. Each was sentenced to the state reformatory at Jeffersonville to serve terms of six months to five years.

And probably the worst of all-- Shooting Craps

A couple of Lawrenceville youngsters were picked up by Officer Brewer Sunday night for shooting craps on the public square. This being their first offense they received only a lecture by Judge Conover on Monday. The editor of the paper noted that “for the past six months it has been the custom for a crowd of young fellows to gather on this particular corner every Sunday and set the dominoes to galloping. The News called attention to the practice and advised the boys to quit, but as usual the advice was not heeded.”