Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Dead Drunk

July 1920   Kimmie Shoulders threw a scare into the officials Sunday night when it was reported a dead man was lying on the old Big Four railroad right of way north of town. 

A hurry-up trip was made by Sheriff Stivers and Patrolman Brewer.They found a man who had the appearance of having been slugged and brought him to the King morgue where a careful examination disclosed the fact that he was dead …drunk.

After considerable shaking, Kimmie roused up sufficiently to deny the allegation that he was drunk, and said that he was in an automobile wreck Saturday night which accounted for the bruises on his head and face.  Later, he admitted taking two drinks of “white mule” which he asserted had “some kick.” The source of his supply was unknown.

(Ed comment:  I would think a bigger question than where he obtained the “white mule ”might have been what deficiency in the sheriff and patrolman’s training caused them to fail to notice the man was ALIVE before they took him to the morgue.)