Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Judges, Camp Fire Girls and Band Members

Were any of your ancestors appointed as election judges, or belonged to the Chamber of Commerce, the Campfire girls or the Band in 1920?  Check it out. 

Election judges were named in the voting precincts of the county as follows for June 1920:
Allison: Fred Weitz, James Norton, A. W. Johnson
Bond No. 1: Byron Campbell, R. W. Pinkstaff, S. R. Ford
Bond No. 2: Chas. Warner, Clint Highsmith, Gordon Childress
Bridgeport No. 1: L. B. Flanders Sr., C. B. Lee, Bert Stivers
Bridgeport No. 2: Arthur Hudgel, W. C. King, J. T. Newell
Christy No. 1: D. A. Salsbury, J. W. Westall, H. T. Jennings
Christy No. 2: Otis D. Fyffe, J. J. Warren, W. B. Foster
Denison No. 1: O. P. Estes, James Jett, Wick Johnston
Denison No. 2: John Mieure, A. T. Bardon, G. W. Richardson
Lawrence No. 1: C. D. Wright, Ray Simpson, Roy Milligan
Lawrence No. 2: J. O. Smith, Charles Rosborough, Lee Dunlap
Lukin: Charles E. Wright, B. W. Reed, Henry Schwarts
Petty No. 1: John C. Rodrick, Samuel Legg, John McCausland
Petty No. 2: Willard Wiswall, Guy Gray, L. M. Smith
Russell: P. A. Wilber, Chas. Tiffany, H. O. Lackey

The Chambers of Commerce of Marshall, Robinson and Lawrenceville met in June 1920 to discuss the probable location of the north and south State Road.  Those attending the meeting from Lawrenceville were A. L. Maxwell, Geo. W. Mullens, Paul F. Lewis, Isaac Hill, Arch Smith, C. H. Parriott, H. C. Johnson, R. S. Jones and R. J. Benefiel.

Bridgeport Camp Fire girls in 1920: Mary Ellen McKelfresh, Ruth Tracy, Mildred Yandell, Martha and Sarah Brissenden, Bonnie Schmalhausen, May Dudley, Katherine Seed.     

Sumner Camp Fire girls in  1920: Alberta Morgan, Pauline Piper, Thelma Fyffe, Corene Laws, Georgia Shaw, Dorothy Sumner, Imogen Daniels, Audrey Pepple and Beatrice Mills.

Members of the Lawrenceville Citizens Band in June 1920 were Walter Chamblin, J. A. Wood, E. J. Baker, Kenneth Wherry, Wilson Parriott, C. N. Ferguson, C. F. Stoll, Edd Potts, Philip Davenport, Lowell Barnes, C. Z. Shulaw, Raymond Francis, C. D. McCleave, W. L. Chamblin, George H. Prout, E. J. Crumbacher, J. E. Cusick, Roy Letsinger, Harry Stansfield, Clyde Tewalt, Walter Cochran, Percy Ashbrook, Rush Tewalt, and Walter Cochran.