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Court News June 1920

June 1920 Court News 

Ross Paul and Mrs. Sarah Killion were arrested Thursday and taken before Judge Conover on a charge of associating and also committing an indecent act.  Ross decided to stand trial, but later entered a plea of guilty to the charge of associating and was fined $22.60.  His companion in crime entered a plea of guilty and drew a like package.  Ross proved he was a gentleman by settling both fines.  The charge of committing an indecent act was dismissed with leave to reinstate.(The legalese prevents the real story from being told.) 

On complaint of Mrs. Sarah Faith, Adda Gray, Ruben Ruth and Cora Ruth were arrested Friday, charged with using vulgar, profane and unseemly language and being guilty of offensive and disorderly conduct calculated to disturb the peace and quietude of Mrs. Faith.  Mrs. Gray entered a plea of guilty and paid $10.60 but the other defendants pled not guilty and their hearing was set for Saturday morning. (Does Lawrenceville still have that ordinance about using vulgar, profane and unseemly language?)

Bernard Roland was arrested by Constable Sturgeon, Thursday and when brought before Justice Brookhart’s court pled guilty to assault and battery and was fined $15 and costs.

James Rowe was arrested last week for fishing with a net out of season and also selling illegally caught fish.  He demanded a trial in Justice Brookhart’s court and after hearing the evidence Friday, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.  The evidence showed that the net in question belonged to Rowe, but it was stolen several days before his arrest. (Nothing was said about how he came by the fish.)

Miss Bettie Kennedy, a 17-year-old girl residing in south Lawrenceville was bitten by a dog and her brother swore out a warrant charging Mr. and Mrs. James Hensley with assault and battery.  Bettie swore that Mrs. Hensley struck her with a broom and Mr. Hensley set the dog on her.

Agatha Dollman, 13 years old, and Martha Taylor, 14 years old, were arrested and placed in jail.  They were thought to be implicated in the theft of a Ford car belonging to Ray Shick of Bridgeport that was stolen Saturday night.  The girls proved they were innocent.(However, the Dollman and Taylor girls had apparently been a source of annoyance to the officers for some time because proceedings were started to declare them delinquent.)