Monday, June 29, 2020

Camping to California, College Attendance and a Billett Shivaree

Social News and Gossip June 1920 

Robert Herrin sold his barber shop to Forrest Denison and his residence to L. G. Gee and left for California. Emery Musgrave and family and Mr. and Mrs. George Oschwald also left for California.  They intended to go by automobile-camping out at night.  The Musgraves were to stay on the West Coast while the Oschwald’s planned on returning by September.

The Bridgeport Band was planning a celebration at the Bridgeport park on July 5.  There were to be forty-four concessions, a merry go round and a ferris wheel.

Misses Blanche Tewalt, Golda Saulmon, Tressie and Leona Sutherland went to Urbana where they would attend the summer course at the U of I. Misses Bess and Chloe Middagh went to Boulder, Colorado, where the latter would attend a Domestic Science school for six weeks. Misses Mabel Judy and Martha Cooper left for Greeley, Colorado, where they would attend the summer term of the teacher college there.

Miss Stella Gher, daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Gher, worked in the office of McGaughey and Tohill as a stenographer until she married Leslie D. Jerauld in June, 1920.

Gordon Eshelman purchased the Geo. W Lackey property at the corner of Jefferson and Eighth streets for $3000. Mr. Eshelman planned to remodel the house and move into it as soon as repairs were completed.

Little Hal A. Longenecker, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Longenecker, was seriously ill with pneumonia.

Billett:  Quite a few attended the shivaree of Mr. and Mrs. Alva A. Brown.  Alva was 35, from North Yakima, Washington, and Rebecca Doak, of Billett, was 30.