Saturday, May 16, 2020

Good Time in Lawrenceville

May 1920 
A couple of Vincennes people created a little excitement on the streets of Lawrenceville early Thursday morning.  

It seems to be the custom for a bunch of Vincennes men and women to fill up on bad liquor and come to the weekly Wednesday night dances in this city.  

Apparently, the husband of a certain woman objected to her presence and waited for her last week. He found her at the corner of State and Eleventh streets about 2 o’clock Thursday morning, jumped out of a car and knocked her down after which he proceeded to kick her a few times. 

The woman screamed and the man jumped back in the car and the driver started toward Vincennes, but when the car was stopped at the Wabash bridge the man was not to be found.  The woman was picked up by another car and taken to her home. 

These joy ride parties from Vincennes are getting to be very monotonous to Lawrenceville people and the police have decided it is time to discontinue the practice of coming here to have a good time. 

(There are so many comments I could make to the last seven words in that last sentence, I am just not going to go there.)