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School News,General News, News of Organizations, and Just Plain Gossip March, 1920

School News March 1920

  • Glade School house, District #70, also known as North Center in Russell Township, burned but was insured for $1500.  The Birds schoolhouse burned with a loss of about $7000 including books and furniture.
  • Some of the country schools ended their school terms at the end of March, having only a six- month school term.
  • Teachers examinations were held at the Lawrenceville high school. Any person 17 years of age who had completed least 2 years of high school could take the exam. They had to bring their own pens and ink however.
  • School had been closed at the Sumner school for two weeks because of the flu.  Assignments had been given and the work was expected to have been done at home.  Russell Roberts and Ray Shick took that opportunity to just drop out of school and work on the farm.  Miss Conrades Wright who had been attending LTHS,decided to transfer to  Sumner High School.
  • From the Observer section of the Lawrence County News, this section being written by LTHS students, it was learned that Miss Gladys Goins of the Junior class quit school and married Ross Gooch of Owensville, Indiana.
  • The teacher training class at LTHS enrolled 28 little tots and began conducting a kindergarten.

Organizations March, 1920

  • The Lawrence County Tubercular Association was formed with the following officers, President, W. R. Simpson, Secretary, Miss Mary Smith, and Treasurer, F.W. Keller.  Vice presidents from each township were named as follows:  Allison- Miss Esther Warner, Bond- Mrs. Roscoe Pinkstaff, Bridgeport- Mrs. Clay Seed, Christy- Mrs. Wm. McNece, Denison- Mrs. Charles Moore, Lawrence- Paul F. Lewis, Lukin- Mrs.  J. E. Milligan, Petty- Mrs. John Greenlee, Russell- Mrs. Ross Cunningham. A portion of the money received from the sale of Christmas seals was be set aside for the employment of a county nurse.
  • A Women’s Democratic Organization was formed with Mrs. Geo. W. Lackey- Chairman, Mrs. O. H. Hedden- Secretary, and Mrs. J. B. Bryant- treasurer. Congratulations to the Women’s Democratic Organization on their 100- year anniversary. 
  • The Lawrence County Farm Bureau was organized February 24, 1920, by the election of W. F. Crews, president, C. J. Sheridan, vice president, Frank A. Stansfield, secretary and James Gillespie, treasurer.  Executive committee members were Anton Lahr, Charles Miles, J. C. Piper, Wade Nuttall and Marion Morris. With meetings to be held at the courthouse, funds were appropriated to buy furniture for the office space.  The membership at the beginning was 340.   Congratulations to the Farm Bureau on their 100- year anniversary. 
  • Lawrenceville, under the guidance of A. L. Maxwell, organized a Chamber of Commerce in March, 1920. first board of nine directors elected were: T. L. Andrews, G. C. Armstrong, A. J. Faust, Isaac Hill, J. D. Horner, Paul Lewis, A. L. Maxwell, C. H. Parriott and N. M. Tohill. Congratulations to the Chamber on their 100- year anniversary. 

General news and just plain gossip March. 1920

  • Louis Leverich of White House neighborhood was driving a new Buick Six.
  • Rex Smith was attending an art school in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  • Lawrenceville and vicinity were visited with a severe wind story in March, 1920.  The eastern part of the county suffered most of the damage. The shifting sand worked its way through every crevice and crack in houses and barns.  It was even impossible to hold service at May Chapel church.  The top of the high school flag pole was broken and the hot bed frames belonging to agriculture class were crushed.
  • The small pox situation in Lawrenceville had improved. Only five families were under quarantine and no new cases had been reported for several days.
  • And finally, Walter Pettyjohn posted a notice that he would not be responsible for his wife’s debts.