Tuesday, March 24, 2020

John Dowell, Wm Donnelly, and Wm Myers-- Havoline Ballplayers

John Dowell 1920s
The Mt Vernon Register complained that Lawrenceville Havolines were notorious for playing “bad baseball” as opposed to the Mt Vernon Car Manufacturers (aka, the Car Builder team). This statement was no doubt made by angry Mt Vernon sports fans, because their manager, John Dowell, had tendered his resignation in 1920, and signed with Lawrenceville as first baseman. The fact that he had been employed by the Indian Refining Co. caused a newspaper reporter to state that his big salary was based on his merits as a player, not as an employee.  “Dowell is wicked with the stick, one of the cleverest men on the bases in semi-pro circles, a classy outfielder and a steady infielder."

According to the Lawrence County newspapers, Manager Storer of the Havolines announced that training would start as soon as the weather permited. A new feature of the training that spring would be the introduction of soccer as well as the medicine ball to limber up the boys.  Two new men, both newly employed by the Indian Refinery, arrived in town and were signed with the team, Wm. Donnelly of Proctor, Vermont, a catcher and Wm. Myers of Hematite, Missouri, an infielder who had been a professional ballplayer for a number of years. D.C. Bradshaw, who had signed up with the Boston Nationals in 1919, returned to play ball with the Havolines in 1920.    The players then under contract for the 1920 season were Manchester and Donnelly, catchers; “Hawkshaw” Everdon, “Father Time” Teague, Friday, and Richardson, pitchers; Bonham, Dowell, Myers, Kelly and Cullom, infielders; Gosnell, Chapelle and Hambrich, outfielders. 

This was no hometown amateur team, Readers.  Games with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee American Association were promised for the year.

Wm Donnelly 1920

Wm Meyers 1920