Monday, February 10, 2020

Triplets born to Lawrence County Woman 1949

 On September 2, 1938,  the Daily Record carried the story of the wedding of Miss Rayburn Warner, (born Sept 1, 1915) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Warner of Lawrenceville to John Trover of Mt. Carmel.  The Lawrence County News on March 3, 1949, announced that the couple had just given birth to triplets.

“The Triplets, all sound and in good health, were born in the Gibson General Hospital, Princeton, Indiana, Thursday morning, to Mr. and Mrs. John Trover of Mt. Carmel, with Dr. R. T. Young of Mt. Carmel as the attending physician.

The triplets are all girls. They are Margaret, five pounds, 11 ounces; Georgia Lee, three pounds, nine ounces; and Kathryn Joan, four pounds, 14 ounces. They were started off in the incubator as a precaution, and are coming along nicely.

This is the first triplet birth in the Gibson General Hospital, which was established in 1907, and created quite a lot of interest among the staff of the institution as well as in Mt. Carmel, the home of the Trover family.

This is not the first multi-birth in the family, however.  In 1942, Mrs. Trover gave birth to twins but they died shortly after delivery. There were also twins in both families of Mrs. Trover’s mother and father.  There is one other child in the family, a son, John Martin, age two.

The Gibson General Hospital has waived all hospital fees in connection with the birth of the three babies.  Dr. Young has stated that he will render no fee, and the merchants of Mt Carmel have donated a number of worthwhile gifts to the babies and to the parents.

The gifts donated include three bonnets, several dollars in cash, an auto seat, five pairs of shoes each, and a pair of sandals each, a supply of milk, a clock, a suit and tie for the father and a complete outfit for the mother, laundry service, passes to the theatre, baby food and bottle warmers, silver forks and spoons, lamps, a ring and an identification bracelet for each baby, crib mattresses, toys, a nursery, wall paper for the nursery and dozens of other items.”

The triplets grew up and were bridesmaids in each other’s weddings.

And now the rest of the story as they say.  Twenty- two years to THE DAY, in 1971, another set of triplets were born at Wabash General Hospital.  Three daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Adams of Mt. Carmel.  They were welcomed home by their 12 other siblings.