Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Not So Politically Correct Poem 1929

Indianapolis Star April 18, 1929
 By Mary E. Bostwick     The sheriff at Lawrenceville, Illinois was the originator of an ingenious device to make a prisoner stay put.  (Ed Note:  So this is probably not a political correct poem, but it was written at a time when politically correct meant Republican or Democrat depending on which party to which you belonged.) 

A captive languished in a jail--He had a leg of wood
And to himself he made remark, “This jail is not so good!
The sheriff does the best he can and I don’t want to knock,
But I would rather be outside, and so I’ll just pick the lock.”
He picked the lock with rare aplomb, and from his cell did surge
How sad the sheriff chanced to see his captive thus emerge!
“I’ll fix you so you can’t escape!” the sheriff then did say,
And coldly went to work and took that wooden leg away!
And then this captive realized, although it caused him rage,
Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage!
The sheriff didn’t lock the door, for this he felt no need,
Because he knew that prisoner was not a centipede!
So, if one has a wooden leg and feels he cannot hop,
Without that leg at speed enough to dodge a chasing cop,
Though it might inconvenience him and cause him lots of care,
He’d better make arrangements to tote around a spare. 

Researched by J King