Friday, February 7, 2020

Bed Bugs Cause of Divorce

Legal News:

Judge Eagleton of Lawrence County, presided in the court of domestic relations in February of 1920. Divorce cases were on the docket and the usual crowd of hangers-on in the courtroom were not disappointed by the entertainment. Everything from bed bugs to adultery figured in the cases, with an occasional charge of throwing shoes in a playful manner with intent to do bodily harm.  In one case, the man charged the wife with introducing bed bugs into the home, thereby tending to destroy the peace and harmony that had existed heretofore. The woman denied the charge and stated that she never saw a bed bug and would not know one if she met it in the street.  Unbending from his official dignity, Judge Eagleton asked if the lady ever slept in a hotel and her answer was no, whereupon many in the audience smiled. Judge Eagleton stated that he was not casting reflections on any particular hotel, but rather spoke of them in a general way.

Lawrence County Divorces Filed, Granted or Dismissed in February, 1920

Goldie E. Cooke vs A. E. Cooke, divorce; dismissed by complainant. David B. Fortner vs Hester Fortner, divorce; dismissed by complainant.  John Hotaling vs Florence E. Hotaling, divorce; dismissed by complainant.  Mary Watkins vs George Watkins, divorce; granted and custody of child awarded complainant. Agnes Crouch vs Carson Crouch divorce; granted. Carl Griggs vs Anna Griggs, divorce; granted and custody of children awarded complainant. Daisy Wagner vs Leonard Wagner, divorce; granted and custody of child awarded to mother. Minnie Fortner vs William H Fortner, divorce; granted, husband to pay $100 immediately and $25 on first day of May, August, November and February. Birdie Litherland Keen vs Orble Keen, separate maintenance; court found both parties at fault and dismissed the bill for divorce; Mrs. Keen moved to appeal. (Mr. Keen immediately posted a notice in the Lawrenceville Republican that he would not be responsible for her debts.)  Sarah Sutterfield vs Everett Sutterfield, divorce; granted and complainant permitted to resume maiden name of Heath. Bertha Morrow vs Claude Morrow; divorce; dismissed. James Oscar Lukens vs Hattie A. Lukens, divorce; granted and custody of minor child awarded father. George D. DeMent vs Magdaline V. DeMent, divorce; granted. Rusha Brown vs Charles Edward Brown, divorce; granted and custody of child awarded to the mother. Myrtle Reddick vs Jeremy E Reddick, divorce; granted. Ella Paul vs Ross Paul, divorce; granted.