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Rural School Consolidation 1948

May 20, 1948   Lawrence County News County Schools Vote to Unite

The consolidation of rural school districts in the county is moving along rapidly, with indications that in time, the entire county will be completely organized.  The petitions have already been filed for the election of  Board of Education members for the Allison Community Consolidated District No.#1 known as Hutton school.  Thomas M. Ryan has filed for President, George Lawless and James Biggs for a term of one-year, Clement Sauer and J. Clifford Crews for a term of two years, and Earl Minderman and Mrs. Alvin C. Mahrenholz for a term of three years.

The election held in Lukin town was in favor of consolidating six districts into one. The vote was 64 for the consolidation and six against.  The districts consolidating were Cleveland, White Hall, West Point, Buckhorn, White Oak and West Liberty.  

Eight districts in Petty Town have gone together and petitioned for a consolidated district. They are Lafayette, Springhill, Fyffe, Oak Grove, Hazel Dell, Leach, Petty and Pleasant View.  

There are several districts in the vicinity of Russellville and west to Pinkstaff and Birds that are unable to get together regarding what shall comprise the one or more consolidated districts.

Chauncy and Rich Valley districts in the extreme north of Petty town have decided that they will go along as they are. The Rich Valley pupils are already being educated in the Chauncey school

There is some commotion in the southeastern part of the county.  It would naturally be supposed that these districts would combine with St Francisville for a large district but such is not the case.

The communities immediately to the north and south of the Bridgeport are apparently satisfied.  The districts in these communities are financially able to support themselves and they have adequate building and equipment for first class schools.

There has been no talk of further consolidation among the high school districts.  The Lawrenceville high school district now comprises practically all of the east half of the county and the Bridgeport district comprises about half of what is left on the west side. St Francisville high school has a territory in the southeast corner of the county with little chance to spread, and Sumner high school has only about one school district in the vicinity of the Sumner.  All the rest of the county, most of Petty, Christy and Lukin townships are in the non-high district and from this territory the students may attend any high school they wish. Efforts to annex these three townships to other high school districts have failed.