Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Photographs from the 1965 Track Wreck

From M. Hooks in response to the posts about the Train Wreck in 1965 by John Hamilton.

Greetings LL Friends,
            I thought you may like to see the photos I took of the B&O train wreck in 1965.  I was home from U of Ill and took Dad's old Zeiss Ikon up to photograph the clean up.  Note my photo 1 is very close to 1 & 3 in your note.  My photo 3 is a picture of the end of the box in your photo #3; it is the equipment headed to Ankara Ordnance Base Turkey.  At the time I wondered what it was!
            I took a lot of photos ... 3 rolls I think and printed out a bunch of them.  I dabbled in photography back then and printed my own photos.

Thank YOU! WE love to see photographs!