Saturday, November 30, 2019

Peach Orchards in 1931

August 27, 1931  Lawrence County News   Peach Orchards in Lawrence County in 1931

VanScyoc Orchards near Sumner. The newspaper reported that two railroad cars full of peaches were shipped on Saturday and one car on Sunday. Most of the other orchardists were delivering the fruit by highways, using trucks for large shipments and automobiles for small quantities.  The price ranged from 50c to $1.50 per bushel with the average about $1.00 for choice sprayed fruit. 

August 22, 1975
Dowell’s on Rt 1 north of Lawrenceville.  This was said to be one of the largest orchards in the county. The crop was estimated to be between 5000-8000 bushels. 

Stanley Stoltz’ Orchards about a mile north of Sumner.

Treadway Orchard near Billett.

V. C. BuchananOrchard just east of Lawrenceville. 

Severns Orchard near Sumner.

Gerhart Orchards near Birds.

Fritchey Orchards also near Birds.

Foster Orchard near Bridgeport.

Picking and sorting the peaches provided employment to many men and women during the depression years. The prevailing wage was $1.50 per day. 

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