Friday, November 29, 2019

Immunization for Diphtheria

County School Notes by E. C. Cunningham Lawrence County News December 10, 1931 

Wm McCausland, Wm. Daniels and Elmer Thacker, members of the school board at Rich Valley, have immunized 29 subjects in the school district against diphtheria.  The teacher is Florence Rosborough who helped bring about the immunization in the district, she herself was immunized. 

These students  had perfect attendance at Gadd during the 1930 school year:  Dale Crawford, Mary Crawford, James Crews, Carl Davis, Margaret Davis, Helen Shepherd, Rosalie Winters.  There was not a single case of tardiness during the entire year.  James Crews has attended school for three years and has never been absent nor tardy.  Carl Davis has the same perfect record.  Gladys Morehead was the teacher last year.  Frances Morrison is the teacher in 1931. 

Fay Waldrop, 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Waldrop, Union 17 school, Allison, was accidentally shot while hunting last week after which he was taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital, Vincennes, for treatment.  After Cunningham visited at Waldrop's school, he drove to the hospital to see Waldrop. He found that Waldrop was resting well and recuperating. The bullet went through one of his lungs, struck a rib, around which it went to the back where it lodged.  When asked how it felt when the bullet struck him, Waldrop replied that it made him quiver.  He was not keen for any more such experiences and would be more careful about hunting with company in the future.

Sand Ridge immunizes.  Lionel Gray, V. C. Buchanan and L. B. Piper, members of the board of directors in Sand Ridge school district have completed immunization of 58 pupils and others in the district. The work was done just in time to prevent an epidemic in the district because one pupil, Joseph Gray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Gray, was ill when the first shot was taken.  When he went home it was discovered, after a doctor had been called, that he had diphtheria, but his case was mild due to the fact that he was immunized.  Leslie Brian is the teacher of the upper school while Frances Osborn, who was one to be immunized, is the teacher of the lower school.

Perfect attendance at Russellville, Fred Miller, the teacher at Russellville school, reports that there are 38 pupils in his school who were neither absent nor tardy for the month of November.

Mrs. Luella Benson, the teacher of Valley school, reports that her directors, Roy Cullison, Carl V. Lewis and Harley Ridgley have provided immunization for the school.  30 children were immunized while 27 took the Schick test which proved that they were immune. 

Alice Wilber, daughter of Mr. and Mr. P. A. Wilber, passed away November 28, 1931, after a lingering illness covering fifteen years during which time, she was a patient suffering from inflammatory rheumatism. She was an invalid for years.  Miss Wilber was a school teacher years ago; she was never strong physically.  She taught two years in this county. 

Brick school closed two weeks because C. G. Benson, the teacher there, had tonsillitis.  His case was so bad that it was necessary for him to have both his tonsils lanced.