Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Women don't cook like they used to....

In 1927 the Ladies Aid Society of the First Methodist Church in St. Francisville along with the United Methodist Church in Billett published a Church Directory and Culinary Guide. The History Center is pleased to have a copy in their archives.

The ladies from the St. Francisville church involved in the project were Mrs. Mary Sanders, Pearl Abernathy, and Mrs. C. P. Hill. The ladies from the Billett Methodist Church were Carrie Leighty, Hazel Archibald, and Mrs. William Harvey.

In addition to pages of general recipes, there were two pages of recipes submitted by local women.

Date pudding: Mrs. W. B. Sheve
Icebox cookies: Mrs. Myra a Harper
Quince preserves: Mary Sanders
Millionaire salad: Mrs. Bessie Gutteridge
Pineapple salad: Mrs. L. E. Gilkison
Burnt sugar cake: Pearl Abernathy
Cabbage salad: Mrs. Roy Marsh
Paradise putting: Mrs. May Hill
White layer cake: Ida Corrie
Brownies" Mrs. George H. Corrie
Relish: Mrs. Ellen L. Sharp
Corn salad: Mrs. Carl McCammon
Mock angel food cake: Mrs. Emma Gray
Sweet pickles: Mrs. John Siegel
Canned beans: Mrs. W. J. Daily
Ham loaf: Mrs. W. Fravel
Doughnuts: Mrs. Ora Bell:
Angel food cake: Mrs. F. E. Leathers

If you would like a copy of your ancestor’s recipe, or would just like to try a recipe, stop by the History Center. (Volunteers there are willing to taste the results.)