Monday, July 24, 2017

What I Learned on the Field Trip

Last fall about 20 volunteers hosted over 1000 students as they toured the Water/Ways exhibit.  Mrs. Creswell's 7th grade geography classes at Red Hill School were among the students who visited. She was kind enough to make copies of their reports about their field trip. Here are a few excerpts from different writers.

  • I liked the mastodon tusk. It was cool. 
  • What I found interesting about the field trip was learning about Lawrence County’s history. Learning that it takes more than 1000 gallons of water to make a single gallon of milk was interesting. Also learning that Abraham Lincoln had come to Lawrence County and his dog had jumped into the water and he jumped in after him. Learning that we have a lot of floods around this area was awesome. Plus before we had running water when there was a fire to put out we use explosives. 
  • I learned that there was a the telephone that could hold five calls at one time. ( a switchboard) 
  • One thing I learned at the Smithsonian exhibit was that our body is made 60% out of water. Also I learned that water is used to make phones. We learned that mussel shells are used to make buttons. I really like the Lawrence County Historical site. I like the farm set- up.
  • I like the farm display and want to thank the people who made it. I also got to miss two hours of school, even I need a break.
  • At the Smithsonian exhibit in Lawrence County Historical Society building I really liked how it had the farm station to learn about why they have levies so the water does not flood their crops and farmland. Also I liked how they had pictures of what the Bridgeport fire looked like and how they told us that they use dynamite to stop the fire from spreading.
  • What I learned at the Smithsonian exhibit was that they are going to put something underwater to protect the sea life. What I learned at the Lawrence County Historical Society was how they made buttons back in the old days. They made them out of mussels because they didn’t have plastic back then. I would love to go there again.
  • Another thing I learned was that there was a doctor’s office that caught on fire. They saved two chairs from the fire. I also learned about the steamboats. They were cool and very interesting.
  • The most interesting part of the Historical Society was either the flood wall or the mastodon tusk. There was also a very interesting model of a farmhouse and a farm that people had built. They built the whole thing by hand. What I found the most exciting was when we took a trip around the courthouse. The lady told us about Lawrence County’s history and different types of buildings around the square. The field trip was short but I had lots of fun.
  • The field trip was fun and very interesting. Altogether it was very fun.
  • I didn’t know that Lawrenceville used to be so popular. I also didn’t know that it used to flood a lot in the past. Learning about how Red Hills State Park was made was cool because I didn’t even know it was man-made.
  • My favorite part was the model of the farm.  It is possible to get 400 goats across the levee.
  • I enjoyed learning about my town’s history.
  • I liked it more than learning in class.
  • I thought the old style of (drainage) tile was cool. Plus I figured out that Bridgeport used to be a booming town. I hope we can take another field trip like this sometime.
  • I learned that they used water for baptism. Also that many, many, many people came to America from Europe for a better life for them and their family. I’ve always loved to learn about the old days, and I can do that at the Lawrence County Historical Museum
  • I thought the hooks to get the muscles were cool.
  • I like learning about our town’s history. I did not know that we used to have a lot more stores and shops around our town.
  • There was a display of a farm and a little mill.  The people who put it together explained it to us and told us that they always had cats (at the mill) so the mice would not eat the corn. There were many amazing facts at both places and I am pretty sure a lot of people were not aware of.
  • I learned that we have had more floods than I thought. Some of the floods are even taller than me.
  • The Water/Ways site was cool.
  • Our trip was fun and productive. I like the Historical Society the best because it gave us some background information on our little community. I like that they gave tours instead of just letting you walk around because they can explain it better than us just reading it. The information they had was extraordinary. I would definitely like to learn more about my town and that field trip gave me a boost. It was cool how Bridgeport was such a big place and now it’s just a little place.
  • I loved the field trip.
  • When we went on the field trip, I learned a bunch of things. I learned that the human body is made of 60% of water. I thought it was cool that we used to have mastodons in Bridgeport and found it very interesting to hear someone’s story that lived in Lawrence County during a big flood.
  • I had a lot of fun on our field trip to the Water/Ways Museum. My favorite thing was the Corrie family because my mom’s mom was a Corrie. The buttons were really cool because they were really pretty and I didn’t know that they were made from mussel shells. I liked everything in the Historical Society Museum about Lawrence County. In the Smithsonian Museum I like the interactive stuff.
  • The field trip was great in my opinion. I like the videos about interviewing people who were in floods.
  • I learned a lot.  We should take another field trip like this.
(Ed Note:  Once again I just want to thank those volunteers for the many, many hours they donated, and to the teachers and bus drivers who brought their students, thank you also.  One little girl told me she had never been to a museum before.)