Saturday, July 8, 2017

Updates and Happenings

 John K  responded to a question regarding the location of Howard Cemetery.  The Howard Cemetery is located on the north edge of the former George Army Air Field, now the Lawrenceville-Vincennes Airport.  The Army did not take it, and left it alone, as they did the nearby Centerville Cemetery; both cemeteries were on the perimeter of the George Field property, but there was no need to destroy them for runway construction.  The Howard Cemetery is located in the northwestern corner of Section 23, Township 4 North, Range 11 West of the 2nd Principal Meridian, It is in Allison Township, being one mile east of the northwest corner of Allison Twp, on the line between Allison Township and Russell

Bob S commented that we had failed to list  two pastors from the Lawrenceville Methodist Church post in which we inquired as to the age of the plate. They were  Gerald Gulley 1966-70 and Ray Van Giesen 1970-79+.

Bob S also sent a thank you for some fascinating information when we posted the information about the 1850 census. He loved all the occupations  and  wondered how many of today's "healthy" occupations will be obsolete 167 years from today!

Several readers commented about the information on what the census takers were paid. Since this was the first census to ask for so much information (names, ages and occupations of ALL people in a household -- not just the "head of household." as well as the value of property, etc.  So it was VERY interesting to see that they aggressively encouraged census takers to do these interviews. A guaranteed minimum of $250 per marshal? That would have been a fortune for a lot of people in 1850!

We have now 20 quilts in our collection. The last two were donated by Mark P. One is a crazy quilt”, made of a variety of fabrics including velvet, velveteen, corduroy, brocades, faille.  Although its condition is poor the family story is great.  The fabric pieces were brought by the Sharp and Parkinson families at the time they emigrated from Wales. They could bring fabric pieces duty free so it was cut in Wales and not assembled until arriving here.  The Quilt was sold at an auction but the buyer, upon hearing the history, returned it to the family.

Another interesting donation from Mark P is a small cardboard pin box. It is labeled “Superfine Mourning Pins” with navy and gray graphics, and marked made in Germany. The pins inside the box are black.  Mourning pins were used during the Victorian period to secure veils, etc. since no shiny metal could be worn during the mourning period that usually lasted about 1 year. 

On November 23 1994 with the entry deadline bearing down and family histories being turned in daily, Mike Neal, President of the Historical Society was in the process of producing a book, titled The Lawrence County Historical and Biographical 175th Anniversary Edition. The 400 page book included over 500 family histories, 32 church histories, and articles from both Red Hill Unit 10, and Lawrence Unit 20 school districts, 25 businesses, and 17 clubs and organizations. In the first part of the book, a timeline detailing the history of the county, as well as histories of the county communities was written.    If you possess this book, count yourself lucky, as it is now out of print.  We have no more to sell, and will not be reprinting them.  The History Center and the Research Library will each retain a copy for research purposes.