Saturday, July 22, 2017

Updates and Happenings

Roxana S has been indexing and cataloging the Church Collection, and we are amazed at the number of churches existing in Lawrence County during the past 200 years.  Using archival boxes and folders, she has organized the country churches alphabetically. The 'town' churches (ie. Lawrenceville, Bridgeport, Sumner and St. Francisville) are placed in their own  individual boxes.    If you have any photographs or artifacts that you would like to donate, please stop by the Research Library or the History Center. If you have church records of historic value but they reside in your church files, we would be willing to scan them in order to preserve them for the future. (Churches have been known to have fires now and then and it's always good to have records in two places.)

We have acquired many Bibles, and while their value is priceless, our storage is limited.  We are now only able to accept Bibles with historic value and /or family records if you must part with them.  We know that many of you do have old  bibles that you wish to retain. but we are still interested in scanning the  record pages inside (ie. births, deaths, marriages)  to place in the Research Library's family files.  These records will be accepted as proof of lineage by the DAR if the first page of the Bible providing the publication date is also copied.  Who knows- one hundred years from now, this may be just the information that is needed by a descendant.  

The Research Library has been quite busy the past few weeks with the volunteers assisting out- of -town researchers. If you would like to volunteer, we can find a job for you.