Saturday, July 1, 2017

Updates and Happenings

Recent research requests:
Diane D requested help finding the exact date of death of her Gr-Grandmother Sophia ( Irwin) Leighty ( 1856-1949) John King advised her to search the large Vincennes newspaper collection at  where the obituary was found. 

From a Morris descendant inquiry:  I have recently been researching my family history. I have come across a lot of the information that you have on the Morris family in Lawrenceville and I was wondering if you had anymore stories or information about them? My father and I plan to come to Lawrenceville soon to visit Morris cemetery and some of the Morris' homesteads. (Ed Note: We are always happy when family members come to Lawrence County.) 

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An Email we received from K. Pryor
Hello John and Lawrence Co Historical Society,

I just wanted to write and commend you for the great book, A Little Railroad Saga. As John knows, I'm very interested in the Oil Belt and am always on the lookout for information about it. I mentioned the book at the Crawford County Model Railroaders meeting this past week and we placed an order for 5 books which I'm pleased to say got to me very quickly.

The book was a great read and it had several pictures I hadn't seen before. Thanks for producing the book and helping to preserve our local railroad history.

News:  The Historical Society has a new membership chairperson.  Irene Jackman who has so willing kept the membership list and mailed the newsletters, has always done another job as well, that of staff photographer.   Each item donated to the History Center or Research Library is photographed as it is being catalogued. Because of the number of donations recently, this has turned into a full time job leaving little time for her previous membership responsibilities.   Roxana Shultz agreed to take over the membership duties, and immediately got to work creating spread sheets etc. Roxana usually attends the monthly program meetings so if you have a question about your membership you may speak with her there. Irene can usually be found in her studio at the research library if you want to the great work she does for the Society.  

You know how you have to live in a house a while before you know where to put everything, well that is sort of what is happening at the Research Library.  Dan and Holly Scherer have been building shelves, and relocating collections to make them more user friendly.  The large genealogical collection donated by Jack Sowles has been moved, in the process, to a more appropriate place.  

Wm Finley home
Thanks to John Clark for the
St Francisville Basketball jacket
Nancy King is designing new exhibits for the fall, and is still looking particularly for farm photographs. She is searching for farm families standing outside their homes doing things, or showing off a horse, etc. If you have one matching this description, please talk to her about scanning it for the Bicentennial exhibit.  

There is also a rumor that a high school sports exhibit may be in the works, so if you have any sports memorabilia that you wish to donate, stop by Monday or Friday at the history center.  

And not least, is the hard working Larry Curry who is cleaning, washing floors, and generally sweating alot upstairs at the History Center trying to get more storage space prepared.