Monday, July 31, 2017

Church Quilt

We believe  that we have identified one of our quilts from the following newspaper article.

The following article was found in the Lawrenceville Republican Feb 24, 1910.  The quilt we have in our collection may be this quilt.
  Class 14 of the Methodist Sunday School started in October to raise a fund for a new church. One of the plans was to make quilts.  The plan was to make the quilts a foot square and arrange them in a form of a fan.  Each block has 10 -pieces- nine fans and one tenth a circular price around the top.  The plan involved the giving of each member of the Class a number of the blocks to make.  The material was furnished by the members.  On each place a name was to be placed and worked in silk thread, Each block therefore holding ten names.  The names were to be solicited at 10 cents per name.  Thus each block bringing one dollar.
The entire quilt would therefore bring seventy two dollars from the names.  As a  matter of fact, some were not particular about the ten cents and gave more, so that the proceeds from this source has been almost eighty dollars.
The Ladies Class is taught by Mrs J E Homrigheous who completed the work, put the quilt together and offered it for sale.  Bids began at thirty dollars and gradually grew in the amount until Saturday at four o'clock when the sale was closed.  Miss Jennie Seed of Bridgeport, placed a bid of one hundred dollars for it and it was accepted.  Mrs J W Fish and Mrs Snyder were selected to deliver the quilt to the purchaser and suitable resolution were drafted for the class, all of whom were elated over the success of their work.