Friday, June 9, 2017

What a Jerk!

September 23, 1881 Western Sun About two years ago John Monroe, a monster whose tyranny in domestic manners was as well – known as his face, realized but indifferently, the sad and untimely taking  of one whose happiness and well-being he had vowed to protect as long as they both lived. Worn down in her struggle for peace, her daily existence fraught with new and increasing trouble, the first Mrs. Monroe finally yielded to the dread messenger, and, like the lost child that seeks its father’s house, went gladly home.
    Soon after her death, Monroe went to Wayne County, where his devilish propensity for creating trouble soon prompted him to offer himself in marriage to a Mrs. Snyder, the widow of a former resident of Lawrence County. The pair were united and lived together near Enfield until a few weeks ago, when the little fortune secured by the hard and unceasing labor of her former husband, became almost exhausted. It was then that Monroe became dissatisfied and persuaded his wife to move West. 
   With a team and wagon they started, and arriving somewhere in Missouri, she and the children were ordered to dismount and prepare dinner. Monroe drove the team away, ostensibly for the purpose of getting water but never returned. At least not until a week afterwards, when he was arrested and put in jail to answer for his inhumane brutality in leaving her at a time when her condition demanded help. She had died from confinement (childbirth) during his absence. 
    The second Mrs. Monroe was the daughter of the widow McCarthy of Russell Township who received, by express, the remains of her unfortunate and much abused child almost simultaneously with the letter which bore the sorrowful intelligence of her demise.