Monday, June 19, 2017

Tewalt Cemetery and the Wm M Boreing Family

The Tewalt Cemetery tells the sad story of the William M. Boreing family.  There lie at least 8 graves and maybe more belonging to this family, mostly of young children.
William M. Boreing was a 21 year old wagon maker in Lawrence County in 1850.  By 1860 he had married Elizabeth (?) and they had 5 children, William A., (b 1852), Sarah A., (b 1854), Melville A., (b 1855), Carlin M., (b 1857), and Orin T. (b 1859). They had moved to Jefferson, Green County, IN in 1854 where William continued to engage in his trade as wagon maker but prior to 1861, the family had returned to Russellville.

On July 21 of 1861 they buried their 2 year son, Orin in Tewalt Cemetery.  On February 27, 1862 they buried Carlin, then 5 years old next to him.   In 1863 Mollie E was born but died at age 6 months.  She was also buried there.  Born in the 1860’s, Granty, Stella and Freddy N. died 1865, 1867 and 1870 respectively and joined their siblings at Tewalt.  Within 9 years William and Elizabeth had buried 6 of their children, their graves marked with stones. 

The 1870 census shows William and Elizabeth living in Russellville, with William listed as a carriage maker. Their oldest son, William A., had married Amelia P. Kinney on December 12, 1869.  There is no record of Wm and Elizabeth’s daughter, Sarah A., after 1860 so she may also lie at Tewalt without a marker. In February of 1871 the father, William M., would join his children there also.

William and Elizabeth’s son, Melvin, died at age 21 in 1875 and joined the rest of the family at Tewalt. There is no record of Elizabeth after 1870. Whether she also lies here in an unmarked grave is unknown.