Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Occupations in Lawrence County in 1850

The majority of the 1057-heads of household in Lawrence County gave their occupation as farmer in the 1850 US census.  No women in Lawrence County listed an occupation. (Apparently being pregnant, raising multiple children, gardening, milking the cow, preparing all the food, churning the butter, making the clothes, etc. was not worthy of being considered ‘work’.) 

Disclaimer, I have listed the names of residents under the occupational title that they provided to the census taker. Because of the handwriting and the inability of the census taker to spell the last name correctly, the names I have provided may not be correct.  If you see an ancestor whom you suspect is incorrectly identified, please check the census to confirm you have the right family, and then email me a correction.  Some of these Lawrence County names I just don't recognize.) 

The answer- givers for the census did not choose from a list of occupations. They merely stated what they did and the census taker probably categorized it himself.  There were no instructions for this section other than to complete it.  I think some of these will surprise you. 

24 - Blacksmiths: David Dollahan,Theodore Dollahan, Fountain Umfleet, Alexander Turner, James French, Lewis Morgan, Wm. Tanquary, John Ruark, John Rossen, Washington Lawson, Jasper Catlett, John George, James Black, M. B. Slawson, Benjamin Hughey, James Welsh, John Anderson, Edward Conover, Washington Groves, Joseph Butler, Wm. Buchanan, Wm. Lewis, Wm. Clark, Green Crosson

1- Harness MakerLewis Hughey

5 - Saddlers: Robert Piper, George Couchman, Lawrence Nigh, George Tice, Michael Leach

8 - Wagonmakers: Wm. Davis, Robert Paul, John Mills, Michael Potvine, Wm Boring, Feliz Wampler, Wm. Beck, Silas White

6 - Wool Carders: William Woodworth, Peter Funk, Edward Fyffe, Lazarus Tomlinson, Henry Funk,
Isaac Carter

23 - Millers and Millwrights: Oliver Piper, Samuel Witter, Eratus Potts, David Osborn, John Fritchey
David Vance, H. D. Funk, James Irish, Wm Hershey, George H. Bigelow, George Bigelow, Leven Hensley, Wm. Hensley, John Hensley, John Fail, Samuel Robinson, George Lackey, P. M. Johnson, Leonard Chaffee, Wm. Price,Wm. Bell, Wm Morris, James Seed

4 - Plasterer: Hugh M .Jackson, Alphonzo Dee, Wm. Simers, Nicholas Selby

12 - Cabinet Makers; Sabin Beard, Gilbert Nigh, Jacob Leighty, Wm. Jackman, Charles Potvine, William Patient, Samuel Ramsey, Albert Norton, Francis Boring, Leonard Selby, Elmer Selby, Lorenzo Selby, John Jones

33 - Carpenters: John Howard, William Schultz, Charles Waggoner, Adam Hensell, Robert Benefield, John Etzwiler, James Stanfield, Henry Canditt, Daniel Melhouse, Peter Leighty, John Potts, John Langan, John Butcher, Francis Boge, Warren Rainey, James Curry, H. P. Howard, Wm Norton, Lewis Jones, Eli Sheffer, Peter Whitson, Thomas Kyle, Thomas Johnson, Benj. Mead, John Zimmerman, Thomas Jones, James Stott, Jeremiah Searcy, Joseph Hiskey, John Hensley, Wm. Seed, Hugh Seed, 
C. M. Easton

2 - Masons: Charles Guthneck, Joseph Waggoner

1 - Mechanic: Samuel James

3 - Engineers: J. B. Tromley, Wm. Lackey, James Shepherd

2 - Brickmakers: Daniel Branson, John Gamer

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