Thursday, June 8, 2017

News of Russellville 1873

January 25, 1873 Weekly Sun J. C. Hallette has the honor of having produced in his family in the last two years four pairs of twins, two pair of twin calves, one pair of twin colts, and lastly a pair of twin babies.

April 25, 1873 Weekly Sun Russellville City Council has planned and built this spring to artificial lakes within the city limits and are preparing to stock them with every variety of the ‘finny tribe.’ They are also planning a city park which will be centrally located. It will abound was squirrels, ducks and everything that will add to the pleasure of visitors. ●Thornt Adams is improving his farm. ●Doctors Wolf and Stevens are making garden. ●J.B. Evans and company are playing marbles.● Uncle Billy Adams is moving. ●Esq. Kyle has gone fishing. ●Ike Hall is making soap. ● We are glad the flood is subsiding. The old proverb that it must be an ill wind that blows no one any good has been confirmed – it has supplied us with fish in abundance. The ponds and sloughs on Allison Prairie are full. We understand that our friend J. R. Snapp was riding across one of those sloughs a few days ago and his horse came in contact with a monster fish, and dumped Jake off in the water where he seized the whale and a mortal combat ensued, that the lookers on could not tell for a few moments whether Jake’s fate would be that of Jonah’s or not. But finally the tide of battle was turned against the fish.

December 20, 1873 Weekly Sun The community living in the neighborhood of St. Paul’s church have been terribly excited the past week over a row that occurred at a meeting a few evenings ago, and a subsequent lawsuit resulted. Judge Crews was on hand at Dollahan’s schoolhouse to defend the transgressors. The trial was largely attended by the neighbors; the room was full to overflowing. The judge succeeded in getting a nonsuit, and while arranging for a new trial, the two parties got into another free fight. Revolvers, knives and clubs were flourished, and the judge quickly decided in his own mind that he would be more safe out than in, and lost no time in finding a window, and out he went head first to the ground, which was about 15 feet below, the house being built on a hillside, remarking that he’d be ‘damned if there wasn’t  danger of getting shot in there.’ We are glad to say that the judge sustained no damage beyond that of a new tobacco plug, the old one being used up in the fall.