Friday, June 2, 2017

Lawrenceville Methodist Church Commemorative Plate.

On the back of this plate from the Lawrenceville Methodist Church is printed:
As early as 1827 a Methodist Church was organized in Lawrenceville, Ill.  The present First Methodist Church was erected in 1910-1911 at a cost of $35,053.21 under the pastorate of the Rev. J. W. Flint.  At the Dedication Day services, June 11, 1911 when the Bishop Quayle was guest speaker, the congregation subscribed enough money at the rate of four hundred dollars a minute for thirty minutes to complete the above mentioned cost.  The church now has a membership of 800 and is under the leadership of Rev. and Mrs. E. U. Yates, who are serving their fourth year.
Pastors who have served this church have been: O.L. Markman, Ressho Robertson, C.B. Whiteside, T.B. McClain, W. T. Kline, C.C. Hall, Walter Brown, C.C. Peterson, and E. U Yates.

Would a member of the church please provide a date this plate was issued so we could add that to the archive? We think it was issued about 1950?