Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Early Merchants in Russellville

Western Sun and Gen. AdvertiserJune 16, 1838
F.B. Vanderburg, a merchant in Russellville, placed an ad in the Western Sun and Gen. Advertiser on June 16, 1838 of his intention to auction $3000 worth of goods or the remaining stock of dry goods, groceries, hardware and queensware to the general public as he intended to relinquish his business in Russellville. The terms were that anything sold for 5 dollars or less was to be paid in cash.   All sales over five dollars and under $50 would be allowed on credit for 6 months. He also listed for sale or rent the 'best established and oldest building in Russellville  now occupied by F. B. Vanderburg.

December 1, 1838 the Western Sun and Gen. Advertiser M.B. Brown for the  G. Cruikshank and Company wanted to purchase for cash, 5000 head of good fat hogs to be delivered in Vincennes or Russellville in the early part of December. He stated that he would pay the  the highest market price.

We still don't have any photos of Russellville.  Please look in your attics and photo albums.