Monday, June 5, 2017

Dies in Garage of Carbon Monoxide when Struck by Wrench

Edwin R  Sharp 1901 – 1932 buried Oak Lawn Cemetery, St. Francisville Section D
Obituary --Unknown newspaper

News Reveals that Sharp Died of Carbon Monoxide
September 10, 1932 The hour for the funeral services for Edwin R. Sharp, 28, that was to have been conducted from the Methodist Episcopal Church in St. Francisville, Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock, has been set back until 3 o’clock, Sunday afternoon on account of the late arrival on Sunday of friends coming in from Chicago. Special music will be rendered by Harold Hill, of Lawrenceville, a close friend and high school classmate of Mr. Sharp.

Details of the tragic and untimely death of the young man were learned today when the relatives returned to St. Francisville from Toledo, Ohio, where they were called late Wednesday afternoon upon receiving word of his death.

Mr. Sharp had just driven his car into the garage at the home of his father- in - law, H. V. Selleck, at Toledo, Ohio, Wednesday afternoon, when he noticed that the rear bumper was loose. He secured a wrench with which to repair the slight difficulty, leaving the motor running for the few minutes that he expected to use in repairing the bumper. Evidently he slipped or lost his grip of the wrench which struck him a blow on the head which stunned him and he fell to the floor. The fumes of carbon monoxide gas from the exhaust filled the garage and took his life before he had a chance to regain consciousness from the blow from the wrench.

A few minutes later, members of the family noticed that the door of the garage was open and that Mr. Sharp had not come into the house and investigation on their part revealed the tragedy that had occurred. A physician was summoned and a pulmotor used in an effort to revive him but all efforts proved futile.

Mr. Sharp was well known throughout this community and had many friends in Lawrenceville as well as in his native town of St. Francisville. He graduated from high school here in 1921 and went on to school at the State University at Normal, later going to Elmhurst where he taught for a couple of years. He was married five years ago this fall to Miss Marjorie Selleck of Toledo, Ohio, where they had made their home for the past three years or so.

Ambitious to better his education, he had been attending school at Normal, working on a degree, during this past summer and was planning to return to Normal to school this month for the winter term. He had visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Sharp in St. Francisville, in June during the early summer vacation from his studies, and was visiting his wife’s parents in Toledo before returning to school for the coming winter.

Funeral services were conducted from the residence in Toledo, Friday afternoon, and the body brought to St. Francisville where it arrived today at noon. It will lie in state at the home of his parents until time for the funeral, Sunday afternoon. Interment will be made in the St. Francisville Cemetery.

Ed Note:  The researchers are trying to imagine how this happened.  The young man pulled into the garage and left the car running.  Why? Then --he slipped or lost his grip of the wrench which struck him a blow on the head which stunned him and he fell to the floor. --On its own, Did the wrench just jump out of his hand and hit him? Should the “or” in the sentence really be the word “and”?

At first we thought he was under the car and the wrench fell on his head, but it says he fell to the floor, so he must have been standing….the paper says he died of carbon monoxide-- The fumes of carbon monoxide gas from the exhaust filled the garage ---but the door to the garage was open. The members of the family noticed it being open a few minutes later….. so we are confused. 

(Don’t bother sending us stories about people who have died with the garage door open ...because we already have one…)