Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Depression Hits Lawrence County 1932

News reported on February 4, 1932

Malcolm Lathrop was the new postmaster of Sumner.

Judge Ray Pierce convened the February term of Circuit Court, Monday with Harry Warner as foreman. Eleven indictments were returned.

Insurance companies of the city were busy adjusting claims from the heavy windstorm that visited the county Tuesday evening. The largest number of claims, 180, was being filed with the J. N. Rosborough and Son Agency.

The J C Penney store advertised 81 X 90  Du-– well sheets, 2 for $.98 and in a special sale. Other bargains offered included sturdy cotton socks at 12 pairs for $.98; bleached muslin, five cents a yard; women and misses print dresses, 3 for $.98; Pay – Day overalls, $.89.

Lawrenceville’s first radio and refrigerator show and radio audition opened Thursday afternoon in the CIPS company showrooms on the south side of the square. Four dealers cooperated – CIPS Company, Lawrenceville Furniture Company, Valley Battery and Radio Company, and Whittington Radio and Refrigerator Company.

Never in the history of Lawrenceville has unemployment reached the stage of the present conditions, and every effort is being made to furnish relief to all of worthy persons through the American Legion Employment Bureau and the local Relief and Welfare Association. The Woman’s Club is assisting with meals for the children each day, and the Delta Theta Tau sorority is furnishing milk and graham crackers to undernourished schoolchildren.

Bess Wimberley, 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wimberley, was instantly killed Wednesday afternoon when she was struck by a car. The little girl dodged across the road directly into the path of the oncoming car as she was leaving Blackburn school. The driver of the car was exonerated by the coroner, as the accident was unavoidable.

LaVerne Lee, 26, a salesman in the Thorne clothing store, was found dead at the steering wheel of his car Monday afternoon, and a coroner’s jury held that death was due to carbon monoxide poisoning.