Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thornton E Adams-Russellville

The Vincennes Commercial published an article about Russellville on November 8, 1891 and included several biographies of local businessmen and farmers.  

"Thornton E. Adams, farmer and stock buyer. – Mr. Adams lives on a farm 2 miles north of Russellville and ¼ mile from the Crawford County line on the north. The farm, which consists of 200 acres is one of the best Wabash bottom farms in the County of Lawrence, 20 acres of which is on a high knoll or a plane that extends out to the banks of the Wabash. On this spur or knoll is located the residence which is one of the prettiest homes to be found in the county, overlooking as it does the waters of the Wabash, sparkling and dancing in the sunlight and giving a commanding view over the entire premises, where may be seen great, rich fields of corn and wheat and shady pastures with their great herds of horses and mules.On the 20 acres of upland is also the fine barn with its great, wide haymow filled with sweet scented hay, and wheat and corn bins filled to overflowing with the rich harvest of a season. Here is also one of the best of well-kept orchards of 6 acres of bearing trees, with the finest fruit all golden and red in the soft October sun. Two  acres of small fruit which have already yielded up an abundant supply, which by the diligent hands of Mrs. Adams has been converted into jellies, jams and the many sweet and delicious dainties which she takes great pride in supplying her table with. Mr. Adams not only takes great pride in his pretty country home and farm, but in also fine stock, of which he makes a specialty of horses and mules, of which he buys and sells a great many and pays good prices for those he buys. He is a most courteous and pleasant gentleman and takes great interest in the welfare of Lawrence County."

From the census and obituaries, the researchers have learned that Mrs. Adams was Mary E. Curry, daughter of  Frank and Hannah Curry before she married Thornton in 1868. She had been born near Carlisle, Indiana December 14, 1848 and as a child moved to Lawrence County with her parents. In addition to all that jelly, jam and delicious dainties that she made, she found time to raise at least 6 children:  Franklin (born 1869) Willie (born 1873) Ella M. (born 1879) Rosco (born 1881) Mary S (born 1883) and Aline (born 1889). At least one child Bonnie B., born in 1876, died at the age of 1 year, 5 months and 17 days on July 21, 1877.  She is buried at Tewalt Cemetery in Russell Township. 

The family  moved to the 200 block of Market Street Lawrenceville 5 years after the above article was written. Mary Adams died on June 15, 1914 and was buried at Tewalt. Her husband died sometime between 1900 and 1914 and is probably buried at Tewalt also.  No tombstones for either of them have been located. The tombstone for Bonnie B. their child remains.