Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Oil Belt Railroad Book

The Lawrence County Historical Society is pleased to announce the sale of a new publication written by local train historian. The Oil Belt Traction Company, A Little Railroad Saga by John R. Hamilton tells a story of a local railroad that was built during the early 1900s between Oblong and Bridgeport. The major purpose of this railroad was to serve the oil producing companies in both Crawford and Lawrence counties at that time. The line was started in 1909 in Oblong, reached Bridgeport in 1913 and ceased operation in 1916. Hamilton tells the story of that ill- fated business venture with facts, photographs, a time table for local stops, a map, and a list of stockholders.  The book is available at the History Center on the corner of State and 12th Streets, Lawrenceville, IL   or the Research Library, 1100 Lexington Avenue, Lawrenceville, IL for $10.  It may also be ordered from the website