Friday, May 5, 2017

News of Birds 1902

Hutsonville News- Ed Shipman of this vicinity, and Miss Rosa Martin of Lawrence county, were married Sunday. They will reside on his father's farm near here.May their joys be many and their troubles be little ones.

APRIL 23. 1902
Marriage License-Philip H. Barker Age 21-Birds; Nettie Nuttall Age 20-Flat Rock

APRIL 30, 1902
John R. Pinkstaff, proprietor of the Canaan Poultry Farm was a business caller here yesterday, accompanied by Ogelsby Cannon.

MAY 14, 1902
Marriage License-Edgar M. Mills Age 24-Birds; Lillie Maude Pinkstaff Age 22-Flat Rock
 Mr. Metcalf, of Lawrenceville, the blind piano tuner was here (Duncanville) tuning pianos Thursday.

MAY 21, 1902
Marriage License-Wm B. Fitch Age 26- Birds; Linda B. Highsmith Age 18-Birds

Heathsville News: A.G. Edgington, Harlan Baker, James Maddox, K.D. Adams and John Edgington attended the funeral of Leonard Lackey at Birds last Thursday. The funeral was conducted by the I.O.O.F.

JUNE 18, 1902
John Adams and family moved to Lawrenceville Monday where John will take charge of a Big Four section.

Marriage License-Jesse M. Thornburg Age 78-Robinson; Mrs. Susan Bartheny Bartlett Age 66-Pinkstaff.    Jesse M. Thornburg of Robinson and Mrs. Susan Bartheny Bartlett of Pinkstaff were married at the Gregg House last Wednesday.

JULY 2, 1902
CAMP MEETING-The Wabash District camp meeting will be held at Birds. Rev J.V. Sharp of Greenville will be present and assist in the meeting. All lovers of the truth are invited to attend. Let all who come prepare to care for themselves. Board can be had at reasonable terms. Tents can be rented at the following prices 10x12 $1.25; 12x14 $2.00; 14x16 $2.50; 15x20 $3.00. Freight to be added.

JULY 9, 1902
Baker & Cannon are threshing wheat on Allison Prairie.

Rev Whoom filled his appointment at Van Houten last Sunday. He announced that the camp meeting at Allison (better known as Centerville) will begin the 15th of this month. The ministers will be, Loy, Porter, Whoom and Carlin.

JULY 16, 1902
Marriage License-Lewis Plummer Age 18- Birds; Bessie Higgins Age 18-Birds.