Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fire at Birds 1904

JANUARY 6, 1904 Robinson Constitution

About 12 o'clock midnight New Year’s Day a fire broke out in Beath & Stevens Shoe and Watch shop on the south side of Main street. The fire raged for three hours consuming an entire business block.  When the fire was discovered, it had burned the shop almost down and a great portion of the Jenner Drug store which stood adjoining, and had too much headway to be put out before it had consumed a great amount of property. It burned the large general store of S.I. Carlyle but few of his goods were saved even though the fire had not reached his store when discovered. There were so few persons present to assist in removing his stock. The G.A.R. Hall burned and in it, C. Smith had his meat market and a large line of groceries. A great many buggies and implements were also stored in the hall, all of which here burned. The warehouse of J.P. Weger burned, which contained 5,000 bushels of wheat belonging to Horner Elevator Co.; it was by hard labor that the rest of the business part of Birds was saved. The lost to all will aggregate close to $50,000.

On FEBRUARY 3, 1904 the newspaper reported: 
W. F. Smith, local insurance agent of Robinson paid Dr. Jenner, of Birds, $ 1785 Thursday for loss sustained in the recent fire at Birds.