Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bits and Pieces of Information

 Flooding in mid-summer is always quite devastating as it is usually too late to replant another crop.A newspaper report in August 14, 1875 stated that John Jackson of Allison Prairie was reported to have suffered $10,000 of losses - he would soon be selling out to the Robeson's, so these flood losses may have been a factor in his decision to sell.  The remarkable flood of August 1875 was considered to have been worse than the floods of 1828, 1832, 1847, 1857, and 1867. If you don't know the history of floods in Lawrence County stop by the History Center to view our Flood Wall and purchase our Water, Water Everywhere book.  

The researchers who volunteer at the research library have completed the inventory of the Richard Palmer collection of  obituaries. One estimated by looking at the index cards filed alphabetically that there would be approximately 16,000. According to the actual count, there were  15,240 individual index cards.   In addition Irene Black had compiled notebooks of obituaries by year.  The researchers tell me there are 32 three- ring notebooks full. 

Mostly the obituaries are local but there are some for folks who died in Vincennes, as well as Crawford and Richland Counties.  The Palmer Collection obits were mostly from the 1980s-early 2000's. Irene Black's notebooks primarily include a scattering of very early ones, but most are from the 1940-2000's.  Stop by the Research Library Mon, Wed or Fri 9-12 to find the obit that you have been trying to find.  If you want one copied and sent to you, a small donation is requested.  

I was remiss in failing to announcing that Landmarks Illinois awarded the Lawrence County Historical Society $1500 from the Preservation Heritage fund for architectural fees associated with the repairs of the Pepple School and Dr. Schrader's office buildings in 2016.  D. Burgett report that vandals have damaged some windows but these are being repaired.  More volunteers are sought to assist with this project. If you have a hammer or a paint brush, contact David ( The Bridgeport grade school students will once again be walking down to attend Anne Weed's one room school session this spring so we want the school to look presentable.