Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Birds' G.A.R.

All the news in Birds, or Bird Station as it was called in 1884, was about the new Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Hall that was being built in April.  The Hall was dedicated on the 11th and 12th of June, 1884. Col. Jesse Harper was the principal speaker. Capt Cantwell (Co I, 17th Ind), a Robinson resident, sold an organ to the GAR Post, but the drawing card was said to be Brooks Barlow and his spoons.   January 7, 1885 the Hall located over Isaac Delong's Hardware Store was slightly damaged by fire.
A review of local newspapers show that this GAR post was quite active.

Birds: The G.A.R. will have a carpet ball supper the 22nd. (Ed Note:  What is a carpet ball supper?)

ARGUS-Jan 6, 1886
There was a literary society organized in the  Birds G.A.R. hall last Thursday night. This is a good move in the right direction.

The G.A.R. Post at Bird Station will have a grand entertainment at their larger and commodious hall in that village on Thursday night Nov. the 4th. Carpet ball supper, good music, both vocal and instrumental to enliven the occasion. (Ed Note:  Whatever a carpet ball was, they had another one, the next year.)

BIRDS REVIEW-March 25, 1887
G.A.R. meeting. W.H. Fritchey Post No. 150 meets in their hall at this place every alternate Saturday night.F. Glass, Com-G.P. Clayton. Adj.

The G.A.R. carpet ball supper at the Hall Thursday night netted the Post about $18.00.

CONSTITUTION- May 23, 1888
The G.A.R. Post, of Birds, will decorate the graves of their dead comrades at the Charlottsville cemetery Wednesday, May 30th. A good program has been arranged, good music and good speakers.

Post No 150, Birds, will hold its annual Encampment Aug. 21, 22 and 23, to which all old soldiers are cordially invited. The survivors of the 91st, 62d and 32d Ill and the 7th and 11th Mo. will hold reunions at the same time.

ARGUS-Jan 2, 1889
G.A.R. Post Birds oyster supper to benefit Relief Fund on the 17th.

ARGUS-Jan 9, 1889
The G.A.R. Post at Birds have elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
 Commander-B.F. Gaswell; S.V. Commander-Riley Gillen; J.V. Commander-G.W. Mills;
Officer of Day-G.P. Clayton; Chaplain-Joseph Conrad; Officer of Guard-G.W. Baker; Quartermaster-F. Glass; Surgeon-F.M. Goff

ARGUS-Dec 4, 1889
The G.A.R. Post at Birds will have a carpet ball (and yet another one...) and basket supper at the Hall on Friday evening 11th inst, for the benefit of the Post. A nice new basket will be furnished each lady in which to bring her ball and supper, which she will return after the supper. A cake will be voted to the prettiest young lady present, and one cake containing a five dollar gold piece will be sold in slices. Everybody invited.

W.H. Fritchey, 150 Post, Birds Officers
 Commander-Lewis Jones; S.V. Commander-J.R. Gillen; J.V. Commander-R.J. Ford;Adjutant-John Barcroft; Quartermaster-A.B. Fitch; Surgeon-F.M. Goff; Chaplain-T.C. Cook; Officer Day-C.A. Gillen; Officer Guard-G.W. Baker; SM-A.M. Highsmith; QMS-J.T. Lindsay

Officers W.H. Fritchey Post 150 Birds
Com-J.R. Gillen; SVC-R.J. Ford; JVC-J.H. Mullins; Chap-T.C. Cook; QM-A.B. Fitch; Surg-F.M. Goff; O.G.-Geo Baker; Ad'jt- John Barcroft

W.H. Fritchey Post 150 Birds
Com-J.R. Gillen; SVC-J.N. Malcolm; JVC-P.F. Polk; Surg-Sam Shoulders; Chap-Lewis Jones;Adj- John Barcroft; QM-A.B. Fitch; O.D.-C.A. Gillen; O.G.-J.H. Mullins; SM-H.P. Mills; QS-G.M. Vincel

W.H. Fritchey Post, 150. G.A.R. unanimously endorses John McElary for Commander-in-chief of the G.A.R. at its next National Encampment, and hope he has no opponent. We feel sure he can be of greater service to the deserving old soldiers and the widows. His firm stance for us in the past shows his fitness.
 Lewis Jones, Commander; John Barcroft, Adjutant --Birds, Ill.