Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BHS Music Dept. 1960s

May 11, 1961 Bridgeport High School students fare quite well at Illinois High School State Music Contest. Robert Climer is the music instructor. 

Earning first-place ratings were John Reglin with the clarinet solo, Gerald Moore with the tuba solo, Curtis Reglin with the bassoon solo, and Betty Worstell with a baritone horn solo.

Ensembles winning first-place metals were the trombone quartet composed of Beverly Perry, Patsy Vinson, Joe Sechrest, and Jeff Gray; a girl’s double ensemble composed of Mary Lewis, Janet Litherland, Kate Spond, Dixie Lee, Sandra Phillips, Marilyn Paddick, and Beverly Perry; a clarinet quartet composed of Sara Caywood, Carolyn Damer, Dixie Lee, and Sandy Sperry; and a mixed clarinet composed of John Reglin, Ruth Ann Griffith, Diana Gray, and Paula Greenlee.

Receiving second-place metals were a woodwind duet composed of Joe Schrader and Rita Meek, a woodwind duet composed of Sara Caywood and Curtis Reglin, and a girl’s double ensemble with the following singers: Neva Shumaker, Sandra Waller, Artie Justice, Elaine Hardacre, Kay Gulledge, Mary Newell, Faye Creek, and Diana Gerard.

Also the sax trio composed of Sherry Walsh, Carole Ridgely, and Mary Lusk receive second-place medals as did the brass quintet composed of Janet Litherland, Francis Crites, Betty Worstell, Joe Sechrest, and Kay Gainer. The trumpet trio with David Duckworth, Lora Joiner, and Gene Sattertherwaite earned second-place metals also.

Accompanists for the contestants were Marilyn Paddick, Dolores Glover, Sandra Phillips, and Robert Climer.
 A collection of BHS Music Dept. Programs 1960-1963

1960 BTHS pep band with Robert Climer directing