Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wolf Kills Sheep in Petty Township 1928

June 21, 1928 Vincennes Sun Commercial 
Mystery of Sheep Killing Now Solved
The killing of the big she-wolf by Dennis Lathrop, north of Sumner Tuesday is believed to have brought to an end at least temporarily of the annoyance experienced by Petty Township farmers during the past few months.  At least farmers are breathing a sigh of relief, believing that their sheep will not be in danger of slaughter by wolves, unless the wolf killed Tuesday, left her orphan wolves to grow up and indulge in her annoying practice of sheep killing.

Today it was learned that Petty Township has paid out in the neighborhood of $200 for sheep killed.  The Illinois statute provides that townships pay out of the dog fund for sheep killed, presumably by dogs.  The statue, it is believed, would apply equally well to sheep killed by wolves.  Asa Paddick, farmer, presented his bill to the supervisor for 13 head of sheep killed and six sheep injured.  Orson Lathrop reported a total of five sheep killed.  Several other farmers have had sheep injured.

It is generally believed that the sheep were killed by dogs, and as a result a number of dogs of a suspicious disposition, paid the penalty for the crime for which they were suspicioned.  But the sheep killing did not cease.  A few farmers were of the belief that the damage was not being done by dogs, but by a wolf, or wolves, and there has been a close watch to apprehend the guilty wolf.  Dennis Lathrop accomplished this end.

The Illinois statute provides that the County Board may pay a bounty for wolves and crows, but the Lawrence County Board has made no appropriation to cover this provision.  Mr. Lathrop brought the carcass of the wolf he killed to Lawrenceville Tuesday evening and inquired whether or not he was entitled to a bounty. He was apprised of the situation.  However there was some talk today around the Courthouse that the Courthouse that the Board would be called upon to arrange an appropriation from which to pay Mr. Lathrop a bounty. 

It was pointed out that the amount paid in Petty Township out of the dog fund for sheep killed would pay in the neighborhood of 20 bounties, and as there are not thought to be 20 wolves, or anything like that number in the entire County, it is figured that from an economic point, it would be wise to arrange for such an appropriation by the County Board

(Ed Note:  In a follow up article, the wolf was as large as a full grown German police dog.)