Saturday, April 8, 2017

Updates at Research Library

Thanks to J. Allison, the Research Library is the beneficiary of over 60 books on the family genealogies about the Allison, Petty, Wright and Riley Families, the History of Orange Co. NY, History of Illinois counties of Cumberland, Effingham, and Jasper, Maria Creek Church Records 1809-1965, Kentucky  history and genealogy, the History of Primitive Baptists in New Jersey and elsewhere,  as well as many other great research guides.  If your journey following your family tree takes you to any of these places, it would be worth your time to stop by and review this wonderful collection.

Also thanks to L. Judge for researching Elaine Shepard, our local movie star.
Credited with being born in Olney, she lived in Lawrenceville before making it big in the movies.  (You can read more about her in Lawrence Lore Vol. 1 for sale on line, at the History Center, or the Research Library.)

In the next few months, volume 3 of Lawrence Lore will be available for sale.  Full of tidbits of Lawrence County history there will be a feature on Lawrenceville Brace Beemer, the voice behind the Lone Ranger on the radio, as well as features about George Field, the Jefferson Hotel Fire and many others.  While the articles were originally published on the blog in 2011, they have been updated as more research was found.  (Coroner reports have been added to suspicious deaths reports for those of you into 'blood and guts'--my researchers made me say that.)

As for the photos of the explosion we posted earlier, D Burgett helped solve the puzzle.
"The Titus and Jones building housed the Gusher Restaurant, on September 27,1913, the restaurant was crowded at the breakfast hour when a explosion occurred, blowing out the front and back of the building. One woman was killed, and many injured, the windows were blown out of the Milligan building, and the newspaper office. Joe Bernstein was in his tailor shop across the alley, he was knocked to the floor. The cause was a natural gas leak." ---Early History of Lawrenceville, IL  --- Mrs. Geraldine Satterthwaite, 2006.

This was confirmed by Dr M Hooks, who directed us back to an earlier blog about the Gusher restaurant, being in operation in 1912.  

Burgett also stated that this building is at 1211 State Street, where the Embarras River Basin Agency is now. (Same building, just repaired). This is part of what is referred to as the Titus & Jones Building. So thank you everyone.  Together we can put all the pieces of the history of our county into place.