Saturday, April 29, 2017

Photo and Location of Old Post Country Club

Many readers inquired as to the location of the Old Post Country Club after this week's postings. Below is a newspaper photo that Rose Robeson brought in to be scanned and directions to the lake by John King.  The Robeson Pond is east of the Sun & Sand Gravel Pit at the intersection of 4-lane Route 50 and the Lake Lawrence Road.  It is a long, narrow lake that can barely be seen between the trees to the north of Route 50, at the west base of the Robeson Hills, aka Dubois Hills, Bowman Hills, Jackson Hills, and most recently (since the 1870s) as the Robeson Hills.  A drainage ditch flows south from it, crossing under Route 50. The pond is smaller than it used to be after the ditch was first dredged.  The Dark Hollow is where the new Route 50 starts up the Robeson Hills from the east--traveling west, you can look down into what is left of it, to the north of the highway

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Another point of interest:   Here is a link to a movie in which Elaine Shephard, local movie star, was featured.  She is the blond,  first seen  standing by the fence near the beginning of the movie.

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