Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Old Post County Club at Robeson Hills

In the early 1900's prominent men from Vincennes came across the Wabash  and formed a country club in Robeson Hills. Following is the first of a three part article found in the Vincennes Commercial on September 8, 1914 describing it.

Part One

The Old Post Country Club, always represented, numerically, by 100 in July 1914 passed the 10th year of its existence. It was organized and had executed a lease for the ground it now occupies, by William M and Robert L Roberson on July 23, 1904. The said lease expired 10 years, later, and on July 23, 1914 a subsequent 10 year lease that expires in 1924, with a privilege of 10 years more, was issued.

The membership of the club consists today principally of prominent male citizens of Vincennes. Aside from the law firm of McGaughey and Tohill, considered among the most brilliant legal lights of Illinois, whose places of residence are in Lawrenceville, of which progressive city, both are natives, are the only personages appearing on the role of members who do not reside in Vincennes. These gentlemen are looking after the legal end of the club, the members of which feel that their interests are in safe hands.

The extensive lake on the premises, which is within a stone’s throw of the clubhouse, abounds with all varieties of the ‘finny tribe’ – Black Bass and crappies predominating. Members are brushing up their tackle and getting ready for an early fall onslaught on the big and little fishes.

The clubhouse, while not so commodious, is spic and span, has all modern conveniences, and is adapted to entertainment of all kinds, from tango parties to Whisk, bridge and pink teas, for the ladies belonging to families of members of the club always have carte blanche to invade the picturesque premises at any time, and take full possession, and it is very rarely they miss an opportunity. While to an extent the club is exclusive, it is also democratic, and is certainly among the most charming social institutions of the city, notwithstanding those who have entrée must cross the river and go to another state to enjoy the innocent diversions it affords.

The official roster of the Old Post Country Club at present shows that Charles W Benham, the best fisherman of them all when it comes to fly-fishing, is president. Charles McClure, by no means a novice in old school angling tactics, secretary and John Boyd, who is both a persistent and successful Bass angler is treasurer.