Monday, April 3, 2017

News of Birds and Pinkstaff 1903

Sunday night Meredith Hamilton living near Handy opened his home to Wm Gowen who claimed to be from Chancy on his way to Robinson. About midnight Gowen jumped out of an upstairs window, where he was sleeping, to the ground, striking on his right side, considerably bruising but not seriously injuring him. He was brought here Monday morning and the officers at Lawrenceville notified Sheriff Pete Carr who came up on the noon train and took Gowen to Lawrenceville to investigate his sanity.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1903
John Weger, formerly of Crawford county, has moved to T.M. Calvet's farm near Birds.

OCTOBER 14, 1903
Miss Tilla Carlyle (Birds) went to Pinkstaff to clerk in her father's store.

NOVEMBER 11, 1903
Mrs Millon Rash died at her home near Birds, Wednesday, interment at Good Hope Thursday.

NOVEMBER 18, 1903
Willard and Doc Pinkstaff who were held for disturbing the peace were released last Monday by Squire Phillips at Pinkstaff.

NOVEMBER 25, 1903
David F. Johnson, of brick and tile fame, from Pinkstaff, was in Robinson Monday on his way with a party of land buyers to see some land in Louisiana.

DECEMBER 2, 1903
The foot ball game played here (Robinson) Thanksgiving between the "Birds University" team and the local High School team was a great victory for the home boys the score being seven to nothing.

DECEMBER 9, 1903
Amos Montgomery of Birds vicinity, was here Wednesday securing bills for a sale of stock and grain of his, and his father's to be held December 15, at the home of Uncle Wiley.

DECEMBER 16, 1903
We are requested to say a certain young man was seen taking 13 harness rings from one of our merchants store Dec 10, 1903. The young man will do well to return the goods an make apology. (Birds News)

DECEMBER 23, 1903
Russellville Lodge A.F. & A.M. at their annual meeting elected and installed the following officers:

J.C. Taylor-W.M.
J.W. Smith-S.W.
J.H. Mickey-J.W.
W.L. Tohill-Treas
Chas Plewin-Sec
W.O. Edginton-S.D.
M.C. Carter-J.D.