Monday, April 17, 2017

Lewis Dan and Molly Leach

"Pictured above is Lewis D. Leach and his wife, Mary E, known as ‘Molly.’ Mr. Leach, commonly called ‘Lou Dan’ by friends, was a barber in Bridgeport. He later was appointed postmaster and served out his appointment, then owned the hardware store on the southeast corner of Main Street and Olive Street. They resided at 306 West Olive St. in Bridgeport for many years. This photo is taken on the sidewalk at 248 West Olive St., the home of Lily Jane Lutz, who was Molly’s sister. The structure pictured in the photo is the Plummer Photography Studio located at 236 West Olive St. Packer’s Market Locker Plant and Grocery Store, located at the southeast corner of West Olive and Washington Street, is visible also.

Lou Dan and Molly are buried in Bridgeport City Cemetery near Shiloh Church. Mr. Leach lived from 1871 to 1967; Mrs. Leach lived from 1870 to 1957."

The photo and the information was submitted by Arista Pennington Jr. who grew up in this neighborhood.