Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hotel News, Bank Robbery, and Pearls Found

Robinson Constitution   (D. Foote)
JANUARY 7, 1909
William Pinkstaff moved from Russellville to Flat Rock Monday
Flat Rock News: Our marshal arrested a bootlegger from Lawrence county Monday, but he got away, leaving the marshal his valise and four pints of booze. (Ed Note:  Does this sound like any of your ancestors?  Pretty sure it wasn't one of mine---they wouldn't have left the booze.)
Mrs. Seitzinger, of Pinkstaff, who underwent an operation of tumor of the breast, has recovered sufficiently so that she could return to her home last Saturday.
JANUARY 21, 1909
MUST BE SOLD-Hotel in town of 2,000 people, leading hotel, modern, gas in every rooms, 18 rooms, will rent for $48 month. Good Investment. For the price and terms write or call on P.R. Shafer, Sumner, Ill.
JANUARY 28, 1909
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Myers, of Robinson, have leased the new Gee hotel at Lawrenceville and will open it to the public as soon as it can be got in readiness.
FEBRUARY 10, 1909
The deepest producing oil well in Illinois was brought in last week at a depth of 1,850 feet near Bridgeport, in Lawrence county.
MARCH 25, 1909
The bank at Birds was entered on Wednesday night of last week and about $1,000 was taken. Tools were obtained from a nearby blacksmith shop to make an entrance. 
MAY 13, 1909
The best pearl find of the Indiana-Illinois section this season, was made by Wednesday of last week by Joe Collins, a mussel digger, in the Wabash river, three miles above Mt. Carmel. It is said to be a fine 40 grain pearl and he sold it immediately at Mt. Carmel for $400.
JUNE 10, 1909

A 32 grain pearl was found in the Wabash near Vincennes last week. It is considered one of the finest stones ever found along the river. The finder immediately sold his find to a pearl buyer in Vincennes for $800.