Monday, April 24, 2017

Class Reunion Poem

Class Reunion poem written (2004) by Donna Presnell for her  50th Class reunion (LHS Class of 1958). We hope she doesn't mind that we printed it.  

It was my class reunion, and all through the house,
I checked in each mirror and begged my poor spouse,
To say I looked great, that my chin wasn’t double,
And he lied through false teeth, just to stay out of trouble.

Said that ‘neath my thick glasses, my eyes hadn’t changed,
And I had the same figure, it was just a mite rearranged.
He said my skin was still silky, although looser in drape,
Not so much like smooth satin, but more like silk crêpe.

I swallowed his words, hook, sinker and line
And entered the banquet hall feeling just fine.
Somehow I’d expected my classmates to stay
As young as they were on that long-ago day
We’d hugged farewell hugs.

But like me, through the years,
They’d added gray to their hair, or pounds to their rears.
But as we shared a few moments and we told some class jokes,
We were 18 in spirit, though looked like our folks.

We turned up hearing aid volumes and dimmed down the light,
Rolled back the years, and were YOUNG FOR THE NIGHT!

If you are a Lawrence county Class reunion planner, the Lawrence County Historical Society can help you.  We have yearbooks, photos and mementoes and can create a custom DVD for your event. Contact for more information.