Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What a Great Idea! A River Clean Up Day!

River Clean up 

On Saturday, October 26, 2002, 26 people participated in a cleanup project along the Embarras River near Lawrenceville. Representing Lawrenceville High School in the cleanup project were members of Mr. John Clark’s River Watchers and students enrolled in Miss Mandy Rock’s “Jobs for Illinois Graduates” class. Parkview Junior High School was represented by Mrs. Joan Brian and four of her science students. The students, along with other local citizens, collected, sorted, recycled, and disposed of 1240 pounds of trash. The city disposed of all the trash it could not be recycle. Contributions were made from the Delts, Civitans, Subway, McKim’s IGA, and Ace Hardware for the river cleanup project. Lunch was served to the group of participants by Mrs. Peggy Turner, Lawrenceville High School Secretary.