Thursday, March 16, 2017

Washington Lackey

Ed Note:  Warning this article might make you queasy! Thanks to Roxanne S for sending it. 

June 23, 1898 Washington Lackey, residing 3 miles from Russellville, Lawrence County, Illinois met with a horrible death yesterday while operating a self – binder, during harvesting week. Mr. Lackey had left his seat on the machine and was, it is supposed, adjusting the harness on the team, a span of mules, when they became frightened and ran away.

The unfortunate man was thrown to the ground, caught in the sickle, and when his sons, who were shocking wheat in the same field, reached the prostrate form of their father, he was so horribly mangled that his bowels and lungs protruded from the body, and the flesh was torn from the limbs in different places.

He was taken immediately to his home, a distance of 3 miles, where Dr. Lindsay,  of Birds Station, did all he could for the sufferer  until he was relieved by death, after two hours of intense suffering.

Washington Lackey was about 60 years of age, and upright honest man who enjoyed the confidence of the entire community where his whole life was spent, and where he had by his industry and frugality succeeded in amassing a fortune of $75,000, and was the largest taxpayer in Lawrence County. 

He leaves a wife, daughter of the late William Lagow, and seven children, the youngest a daughter 16 years of age, who have the sympathy of their many friends in their sad bereavement. The funeral will take place this Tuesday morning interment at the Pinkstaff Cemetery.

(Ed note:  Nice when your obituary mentions how money you are worth ..)

According to J King,  in 1859 Andrew Washington Lackey and his brother Adam Lackey bought land from Harvey Allison. In 1861 the brothers sold their land to their other brother James Lackey, and this land is known today as the old home place of Jim Lackey. Washington as he was called, located his family on a farm a very short distance away from his brother’s place and he lived the life of a typical Lawrence County farmer. (We are not sure what John means by this....) It is said the old farm house is still standing.