Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Stars and Stripes Drill Team 1926 Pinhook School

These photos were taken of the Stars and Stripes Drill Team 1926 from Pinhook School.

Top Photo:  First row left to right: Theresa Hahn, Viola Jones, Margaret Perryman, Lawrence Middagh, Regenia Perryman, Clarice Crawford,
2nd row: Austia Fye, Beulah Greenlee, Garnet Zehner, Mildred Copple, Margaret Middagh, Militia Bair, Beulah Pellum, Helen Hahn.

Left to Right in the bottom photo:  Margaret Middagh, Regenia Perryman, Buelah Pellum.  Pinhook School in in the background.