Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snow and the LTHS hill

(Ed Note: We were waiting to publish this on a snowy day but we think spring is on its way.... Not that we are complaining...  Thanks to Kaye F for transcribing.)

The following is an excerpt taken from the book, “Jest About Things" by Bett Moore, a columnist for The Daily Record, Lawrenceville, Illinois for many years.

    “The “great snow of 1994” that blanketed Lawrence County along with most of the country a few hundred miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, January 17 and several days thereafter, reminded me of winters in my childhood….
    I also remember several winters when the snow covered the driveway on the hill at the west side of Lawrenceville Township High School.  The driveway was composed mostly of old cinders from the LTHS furnace mixed with a little gravel.  But, no other hill in town could offer the thrills and spills as the LTHS hill when covered with snow and topped with dozens of youngsters riding sleds down its slopes.
    One winter snow had been on the ground a couple of days before I finally got to the LTHS hill with my sled.  There were countless sled runner tracks and a few rather bare spots on the driveway.  But, I was not to be discouraged from making my share of trips down the hill and trudging back to the top for more downhill rides.  However, the first trip down the hill my sled hit a patch of cinders.  I “flew” off the sled and went face-first down the driveway for several yards.  When I finally clammered to my feet, my face was bloody because some cinders embedded themselves in my nose, cheeks and forehead.

    My poor mother was used to her “oldest kid” getting into scrapes.  Therefore, she was not too excited when she had to sit me down on the toilet in the bathroom to carefully pick the embedded cinders from my skin.” 

If you didn't get a chance to see Mike Neal's 'snow' window that H Scherer and N King and others decorated, then see the display soon because it will be be taken out and replaced by the students of K. Kiser's high school class in April. And don't forget to stop by and see the telephone exhibit at the History Center.