Monday, March 20, 2017

Second Town Fire in Sumner 1911

November 24, 1911 Western Sun

The headlines said: Second Big Fire at Sumner – the Bowman Building is Completely Gutted by a Mysterious Blaze Thursday – Fire is Kept from Spreading – the Photograph Gallery of Jess Martoon Again Saves Other Buildings from Destruction as it did in Previous Blaze

The article read: November 17 a destructive fire again visited Sumner last night and the Bowman building containing the millinery stock of Brothers and Robinson and the harness shop of L J Bowman, owner of the building, was completely destroyed. The stock of millinery was burned while a large portion of the harness stock was saved. There is insurance on both the building and the two stocks. The chemical fire engine and the volunteer fire brigade worked heroically and it was sheer luck that the blaze did not spread.

The iron clad photograph gallery of Jess Mattoon adjoining the Bowman building again stopped the spread of the fire as it did in the very destructive fire that occurred here several weeks ago. In both cases the fire worked up to the gallery and was stopped. The former blaze occurred on a street adjoining Christy Avenue on which is located the Bowman building.  

Ed note: Headline spelled it Martoon, but in the article it was spelling Mattoon.